• Image of Official Squirrel Census Squirrel Sighter Patch

Be an official Squirrel Census Team Member, simply by purchasing one (or several) of these handsome Squirrel Census patches. Apply them to a backpack, denim jacket, back pocket of Jordache jeans, etc. When you wear this patch, you sight squirrels with aplomb; you know what kind of tree that is; you help old ladies cross the street; you meet your deadlines; and you impress strangers. You also receive a promise from us: If we catch you telling people you're an Official Team Member of the Squirrel Census, we will never out you as an impostor. In fact, we'll ask you if you're coming to the meeting next week. Everybody misses you! Can't wait to see you! ;-) 2" in diameter, we think. Stick-on back. Makes great stocking stuffer for the Squirrel Lover in your family.