• Image of Official Central Park Squirrel Census Beanie

There can only be one. Soft as a cloud that snuggles your head and keeps your thoughts nice and cozy. The Official Central Park Squirrel Census Beanie sports the navy-yellow patch with classic Squirrel Census print and Acorn that lets all witnesses know you come from good stock. Squirrel Stock. You give back; you appreciate; you help others; you like breathing the park air; you say, "Let's run!"; you take your time when giving directions to the Greenpoint bodega; you are game in the Game of Life, a poet with something to say. Heads up — Life Poet comin' through!

And when they ask, "Did you actually count squirrels in Central Park?" you can answer with your heart, with your conscience. You can say, "No. No, I didn't. But I like what they did and so I bought the Beanie." 100% acrylic. Two-inch patch is embroidered tight with a nice merrowed edge and heat-seal backing.