• Image of Official Central Park Squirrel Census T-shirt
  • Image of Official Central Park Squirrel Census T-shirt

Sizes L, XL, & 2XL available to ship immediately
Sizes XS, S & M available to ship week of Mon. Dec. 17th

Are you a fan of the Central Park Squirrel Census and also high school gym shirts? Do you need a t-shirt to wear under your softball uniform, or perhaps to bed at night, or maybe on Sunday when you're having brunch with friends? Or did you actually serve as a Squirrel Sighter and now want to flaunt it to your friends? ("Oh, this t-shirt? I was a part of the first Central Park squirrel count in history. What have you done with your life?")

Well. Behold our commemorative Official Central Park Squirrel Census T-shirt. With Yankee-navy lettering on gray cotton/polyester, it is an understated yet powerful conversation starter at parties, a showstopper on the subway, and exactly the kind of shirt to steal from your lover (or have stolen from you). All we're saying is, "Watch out!"

Bella Canvas. Very soft. 50/50 percent cotton/polyester.