• Image of Official Squirrel Census 'Ever True' Beanie

When you can pick up a brown leaf and crinkle it to dust in your palm, it is officially Beanie Weather. From November's fire-cracklin' chill to March's "please get this winter stuff over with" slush, our Official Squirrel Census "Ever True" Beanie will keep you warm in two ways: 1) Your head will be warm. 2) Your heart will be warm with our catchphrase pulled (stolen) from an old high school alma mater and applied here on a patch: "Ever True." Ever true to thee, fellow Squirrel Sighter. In the darkest days of your personal winters, we are here. If you need help with anything, and it's not money-related, just email. Text. Heck, call. We really care and will be happy to lend a hand. And we swear this oath by the Acorn, our family crest of honor.

This beanie also makes a great gift for, say, your dad who watches squirrels in his backyard with a reserved yet somehow unabashed glee.

100% acrylic. Two-inch patch is embroidered tight with a nice merrowed edge.